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Many educational programs are funded through revenue from casinos. It is being long. In the Senate, a bill recently to be approved. If the bill is past, school districts can raise money from tribal casinos to give out scholarships to deserving students interested in higher education.

This bill is in question voted unanimously in favor of the proposal. By law, schools can raise money from the fund collected by the state of Michigan from tribal casinos.

Native American tribes in Michigan to have two percent of their income to the local government. In fact, there are 20 such casinos on the state of Michigan.

The only purpose of the bill is to bring the matter to decide how to use the Fund's revenue Casino Bonus.

The allocation of these funds to the scholarship of high school has yet to be approved.

Thus, the only obstacle that is left after the Senate approved the law is the house.

Thus, the passage of the bill through the Assembly is the next challenge. After the House passes this bill, the governor will sign the legislation.